Art of Color and Your Business

Exclusive. Luxury. The only one

We invite companies ready to become the exclusive global representative of Art of Color. Receiving the status of exclusive representation, you immediately enter the world of genuine luxury and exclusive. Together with us you create a story and not a repeatable luxury about which whole generations will speak.

Make our team your team.

You know your business well. And we have a deep understanding of our exclusive products. Together we can create an individualized plan for your company, which includes the right presentation, support, resources in the store and more. And with the help of Art of Color, you can combine practical exercises aimed at bringing your business to a new level a unique level.

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Solutions for your every 
business need.

Modernize the way you work.

New technologies will turn your simple business into a unique business. Every day Art of Color is working on creating unique technologies. In our collection there are hundreds of innovations that we have brought to the world of luxury.

Be more productive.

One of our technologies allows you to dry the car after painting in 7 seconds. The automatic system completely polimizes our paint and after 7 seconds you can transport the car to prepare the issue to the client. At the moment, there is a development of technology that will allow to paint and dry the car absolutely without the participation of people. With this technology, any painting will go no more than 30 minutes. What we create in Art of Color always remains in Art of Color. Only we are able to create a miracle that will live in our real world.

Be the part of luxury.

We create the most expensive car paints in the world. This genuine luxury is only available to truly unique people. We want you to be part of genuine luxury and create it yourself and you will definitely leave a big mark in the history of our company and the world.

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